Nylon Camouflage Fabric, in Three types.

The picture is a swatch of our Nylon Camouflage Fabric. This is the Woodlands pattern, the most common 'patterned disorder'. Available in Ripstop, Pack Cloth and Cordura Nylon Fabrics. Conceal yourself! Blend into the surroundings! The Cordura fabric is used for lugggage and is quite durable.

Ripstop, Pack Cloth and Cordura.

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Camouflage is a method of concealment that allows objects to remain unnoticed. This is done by blending with their environment or by resembling something else. Camo is fashionable! Camo patterns for fabric have around since World War II. Fashion designers have often used Camouflage fabric for its striking designs, utilizing its "patterned disorder". Make a statement! Sew something out of Camo fabric! These fabrics are easy to sew. There are no special requirements for sewing these fabrics. A home sewing machine and polyester or nylon thread is all you need.

Pack Cloth Nylon Camouflage Fabric.

Ripstop Nylon Camouflage Fabric.

Cordura Nylon Camouflage Fabric.

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