Beacon Fabric & Notions

The Line Card

Sewing Books
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Cotton Duck
Drapery Supplies   Also seeBoat/RV Drapes and Curtains
Elastic and Shock Cord
Elastic Rolls
Embroidery Blanks
Embroidery Blank Patches
Baby Bibs
Embroidery Stabilizers
Stabilizer Rolls

Embroidery Thread, Stabilizers and Notions

Flag/Banner Cloth
Flag/Banner Books
Flag Accessories
Hook & Loop

Cotton Duck


Nylon Fabrics

Outdoor Fabrics

Quilting Supplies
Glazed Cotton Quilting Thread
Serger Notions
Serger Thread
Sewing Notions Admittedly this is a broad category.
Sewing Thread Good Thread for General Sewing
Silk Thread

Upholstery Supplies

VELCRO® Velcro Brand Hook & Loop
Webbing and Fittings

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