Gold Seal Scissors

Gold Seal® Scissors

Beacon Fabric & Notions is pleased to offer these high quality scissors manufactured in St. Petersburg, FL.

These scissors have been used by commercial sewing shops for many years. We used them in our boat canvas shop and our affiliated company - Augmentative Resources, uses them in it's sewing shop. We find Gold Seal to be excellent scissors at a competitive price. We have more scissors. Click on Scissors.

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Curved Applique Scissors, 5'' Curved Applique Scissors, 5"
The curved tip of these scissors are made for ease in trimming close when doing applique. The knife-edge blade gives an even cut all the way to the tip. Also great for embroidery.

Price:   $15.99    

Dressmaker Scissor, 6'' RH Dressmaker Scissor, 6" RH
These scissors are perfect for cutting out fabric pieces. Offset handle facilitates cutting fabric on flag surfaces. Sharp knife-edge blade gives you a nice even cut.

Price:   $22.95    

Blunt Point Pocket Sissors Blunt Point Pocket Sissors

Price:   $16.99    

Curved Nipper 4 1/2'' Curved Nipper 4 1/2"

Price:   $16.49    

Craft Scissors/Tailor Point Craft Scissors/Tailor Point
5" utility scissors at an exceptional price. Handy enough to keep them at your sewing machine or in your basket of hand sewing.

Price:   $15.95    

Applique Scissors, 6'' Applique Scissors, 6"
Used to trim close to edge stitching such as appliqued designs or lace. "Duck Bill" lifts the fabric you are cutting preventing accidental cutting of under fabric. Six inches. Curved handle. Ideal for flagmaking.

Price:   $14.95    

Stork Scissors Stork Scissors
3 1/2" long These unique high quality scissors make a great gift.

Price:   $9.99