This is the RV Winshield Curtains fabric.
The image is of green Phifertex  mesh fabric, for outdoor use.
Another picture of Phifertex. The image is of a lawnchair, using the vinyl coated mesh fabric. Another picture of the fabric.

Phifertex Mesh Fabric.

Phifertex is an encapsulated outdoor mesh fabric, perfect for boat cushions. Use for outdoor furniture, umbrellas and other applications.

® by Phifer Wire Products. Looks like window screen dipped in vinyl. Self-draining.

Also see Phifertex Plus Outdoor Mesh Fabric for a tighter weave vinyl mesh fabric.
This is the fabric used to make a RV Windshield Cover.

If you live in Canada and are interested in purchasing Phifertex, Contact customer service. We now can ship from a location, in Canada. This will reduce your shipping costs and eliminate duty charges.
There are fabrics that look similar to Phifertex®. Colors are difficult to represent over the Internet. For a more accurate representation of these colors, please go to Color Cards. If you still have any question about any of the fabrics, request a sample. Cut lengths are not returnable. Please Contact Customer Service. To order Click on the underlined description of the fabric. Then Click "back" on your browser to return to this page

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Phifertex Sand, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Sand, 54" Wide

Phifertex White, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex White, 54" Wide

Phifertex Yellow, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Yellow, 54" Wide

Phifertex Marine Blue, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Marine Blue, 54" Wide

Phifertex Forest Green, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Forest Green, 54" Wide

Phifertex Grey, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Grey, 54" Wide

Phifertex Almond, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Almond, 54" Wide

Phifertex Black, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Black, 54" Wide

Phifertex Orange, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Orange, 54" Wide

Phifertex Navy, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Navy, 54" Wide

Pfifertex Red, 54'' Wide           
Pfifertex Red, 54" Wide

Phifertex Salsa, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Salsa, 54" Wide

Phifertex Garden Green, 54'' Wide           
Phifertex Garden Green, 54" Wide