We have Plastic and Metal Grommets for a wide variety of applications.

Many types of Grommets for Fabric.

 A picture of plain grommets. Beacon Fabric & Notions also has: Large Drapery Grommets, Large Curtain Grommets, Tent Grommets, Metal Grommets for fabric and Plastic Grommets. Our metal grommets are for tarps and tents and require tools for installation. The Plastic  fabric Grommets are for Drapery applications and do not require any tools to install. They have been used successfully by many people. No workroom required. Banner Grommets

Brass Grommets and Plastic Grommets for utility and Drapery use; Small Metal Eyelets for Clothing and Apparel Applications.

Use Grommets for any opening in fabric, other than Button Holes. A durable way to run cord or string through fabric.

A grommet for fabric is a protective eyelet. It is placed in the fabric to prevent damage either to the fabric or to whatever is passed through it. They are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place. They are often made of Brass or Plastic. They may be used to prevent tearing or abrasion of the pierced material. Or to cover sharp edges of the piercing. The most common materials are metal and plastic. Plain Brass Grommets are the most common type of metal grommets for fabric. They are usually made of brass and can be nickel plated. Small Grommets are sometimes called eyelets. Plain Brass Metal Grommets are useful for low stress applications like tents, tarps, and covers. They are also used on curtains, boat canvas and flags. They are used as banner grommets. Size ranges from 3/16 inch inside diameter to 1/2 inch inside diameter. Brass Spur Grommets are metal grommets that have spurs that bite into the fabric and hold better than a Plain Grommet.
Spur Grommets are used in high stress applications such as Sails and Boat T-tops. Both of these metal grommets are available in a Brass finish or a Nickel Plated finish. The Nickel Plated Grommets are often mistaken for Stainless Steel, but are much easier to install. Sizes range from 1/4 inch inside diameter to 3/4 inch inside diameter.
We have Plastic Drapery Grommets. They are elegant looking and are much easier to use than a metal Grommet. Sizes range from 1/2 inch to 2 3/4 inch inside diameter. No tools are required to install any of our Drapery Grommets. They can be easily installed by a non professional. Beacon Fabric & Notions has a large selection of Drapery Supplies.
We have Grommets and Eyelets for many applications. Click on the link below, to take you to the appropriate page.
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