For boat owners, a Canvas Snap Tool is a must, on board your boat.

Canvas Snap Tool, User Friendly, Inexpensive to Professional.

The image is of the Durable Snap,. If you need to install these snaps, the boat canvas snap tool you need is on this page. If you are installing a large number of snaps, we recommend the Professional Canvas Snap Tool. If installing snaps is a one time affair, use a lesser priced snap setter.

Canvas Snap Tools necessary to install (set) the Cap & Socket and Button & Stud Durable Snap

Sometimes called "Snap Setters".

Snap Fastener Tool. Sets Durable Snaps and similar fasteners. Our snaps are made of stainless steel and brass. But salt water eventually gets to all Durable Snaps. Snaps can corrode or give out. Even for campers and non marine uses, snaps will fail. Whether you are working on a new canvas project or doing a repair. A tool to install Snaps is a mustt. We offer a selection of canvas tools. From inexpensive to professional grade. We have a snap tool for everyone. If you own a boat, you need one in your toolbox! For other canvas fasteners, see the links below.
Durable Snaps. The canvas fasteners that the Canvas Snap tool on this page set.
Lift The Dot Fasteners. (LTD) A very a widely used canvas fastener on boats.
Common Sense Fasteners (Twisties!) Another widely used canvas fastener
Cap and Socket, Colors. Durable Snaps in colors!
Snap Caps. Used in Boat Upholstery.
Eyelets. Usually used in clothing.
Stainless Steel Fasteners. Corrosion Resistant Nuts, Bolts and Screws

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Snap Fastener Installation Tool Snap Fastener Installation Tool
Hammer style kit includes: tool, six each of: Caps, Sockets, Studs and Eyelets. Our least expensive snap setter. Lasts for years.

Price:   $6.99    

Snap Fastener Installation Tool
Same as above. But, contains 3/8" Screw Studs instead of the Stud and Eyelet.

Price:   $7.99    

Leather Punch Leather Punch  
Makes six different sized holes in leather or similar material , from aproximately 1/16" to 3/16". Ideal for prepunching holes for the Cap and Socket, Stud and Eyelet and Common Sense Fastners with two screw holes.

Price:   $9.99    

Professional Snap Installation Tool Professional Snap Installation Tool
Professional quality Durable® Snap installation tool. Comes with dies for both the Cap & Socket and Stud & Eyelet. Used by Boat Canvas shops. Lasts for years. Other dies are available, contact Customer Service. Replacement parts are available, see below.

Price:   $199.95    

Replacement Durable Die Set
Fits Professional Grade Snap Tool, above. Consists of dies for the: Socket, Cap, Eyelet and Stud.

Price:   $146.95    

Replacement Rubber Retainer
Fits Professional Grade Snap Tool, above. Retainer holds 1/2 of the Canvas Fastener in place, while installing.

Price:   $3.49    

Replacement Small "O" Ring
Fits Professional Grade Snap Tool, above.

Price:   $1.19    

Replacement Stud "O" Ring
Fits Professional Grade Snap Tool, above.

Price:   $1.19