Light weight fabric with the classic crosshatch pattern.

Ripstop Nylon Fabric, Fifty Nine" wide.

A picture of Ripstop Nylon Fabric, showing the cross hatch pattern. Our Ripstop  Fabric  is water reisistant, but not waterproof (airtight). So it breathes. Ideal for clothing.

Lightweight Ripstop Nylon, Water repellent (resistant), 1.9 ounces per square yard.

A fabric of many uses. Ripstop makes great jackets and wind-breakers for any member of your family. Many non clothing applications, also.

Ripstop nylon is a light weight nylon fabric. It has interwoven ripstop reinforcement threads. These threads are in a crosshatch pattern. This reinforcing technique makes Ripstop Nylon Fabric resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving, thicker reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. These threads are woven in both the warp and fill direction. This is pretty much the defination of Ripstop Nylon Fabric. The Ripstop, that we sell, the interval is typically a little less than One Quarter of an inch. Which is pretty typical of most Ripstop Nylon Fabric. Thin and light weight, ripstop nylon fabrics have a very slight Three dimensional structure due to the thicker threads being interwoven in thinner cloth. This is only noticeable, when the viewer is within a few feet of the fabric.
Beacon Fabric & Notions sells Ripstop Nylon Fabric with a DWR coating. This makes the fabric water resistant, but not absolutely waterproof (air tight). Applications include Tents, Duffle Bags and Tarps. Often used to difuse light for photography. Sometimes used for Flags or Windsocks. Makes a great light weight Jacket. Also can be used as an inner lining or as a wind barrier. The applications that our customers have had for Ripstop are too numerous to list! Use anywhere a light weight fabric is needed.

Advantages of ripstop nylon fabric is the good strength to weight ratio. Small tears do not easily spread. The crosshatch pattern stops the tear from progressing. Water proof (urethane coated) and Flame Retardant ripstop is available. Contact Customer Service regarding Ripstop Nylon Fabric. Hand washing is fine. Or Machine wash on the gentle cycle. Air Dry is preferable. If you have to use a dryer, please use very very low heat. Ironing should not be necessary. But, if ironing is needed, use a (very) cool iron. Ripstop Nylon is also available in 20 yard rolls at a 30% discount, off the per yard price, plus actual shipping charges. Contact Customer Service. Colors are difficult to represent over the Internet. For a more accurate representation of the Ripstop colors, go to Ripstop Nylon Fabric Color Card and download the "Nylons" Color Chart. If you still have questions about the colors or the suitability of this fabric for your application, please Contact Customer Service as cut yardage is not returnable. To order, Click on the underlined color. Then click "back" on your browser to return to this page.

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Ripstop Nylon Color Card

White, 59''           
White, 59"

Black, 59''           
Black, 59"

Silver, 59''           
Silver, 59"

Yellow, 59''           
Yellow, 59"

Neon Yellow, 59'' This is a very difficult color to represent over the internet. Contact Customer Service.           
Neon Yellow, 59"

Orange, 59''           
Orange, 59"

Neon Orange, 59''. This is a very difficult color to represent over the internet. Contact Customer Service.           
Neon Orange, 59"

Berry, 59''           
Berry, 59"

Neon Hot Pink, 59''           
Neon Hot Pink, 59"

Red, 59''           
Red, 59"

Burgandy, 59''           
Burgandy, 59"

Neon Lime, 59''           
Neon Lime, 59"

Kelly Green, 59''           
Kelly Green, 59"

Forest Green, 59''           
Forest Green, 59"

Turquoise, 59''           
Turquoise, 59"

Purple, 59''           
Purple, 59"

Beige, 59''           
Beige, 59"

Olive Brown, 59''           
Olive Brown, 59"

Light Blue, 59''           
Light Blue, 59"

Royal Blue           
Royal Blue

Navy, 59''           
Navy, 59"

Daffodil, 59''           
Daffodil, 59"

Mauve, 59''           
Mauve, 59"

Camouflage, 59''           
Camouflage, 59"

H. Brown, 59''           
H. Brown, 59"

Gold Metallic, 54''           
Gold Metallic, 54"