Supplex is a breathable synthetic fabric, a great fabric for jackets and other sportswear.

Supplex Nylon Fabric.
57 inches Wide.

AKA Taslan Fabric, a Tough, Uncoated fabric for jackets and jump suits and swim wear.

Supplex Nylon Fabric has the traditional appeal of cotton. With the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. Used for activewear and other outdoor clothing applications.

Also known as Taslan Nylon Fabric. Supplex has been around since 1985. Densely packed fibers, strong and flexable. Supplex holds it's shape well. Drys faster that natural fibers. Retains its shape after wearing and washing. This a 100% nylon tightly woven Fabric. Supplex is made from a very fine fibers. A breathable fabric. Supplex has a durable water resistant finish. But, is not water proof (airtight). So, the fabric still breathes. Supplex has wicking capabilities. This keeps you cool in the summer. Textured nylon fabrics like Supplex Nylon fabric (Taslan Nylon) give you the feel of cotton. With the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Supplex Fabric combines the traditional appeal of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fiber technology. Supplex nylon is used primarily for clothing applications. Especially in swimwear and sportswear. Read more: Supplex is excellent for all outerwear or activewear projects. Supplex is also available in (usually) 50 yard rolls at a 30% discount, off the per yard price, plus actual shipping charges. For a more accurate representation of the Supplex colors, go to Color Cards and download the "Nylons" Color Chart. If you still have questions about the colors or the suitability of this fabric for your application, please Contact Customer Service as cut yardage is not returnable.
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Red, 60''           
Red, 60"

Navy, 60''           
Navy, 60"

Royal Blue           
Royal Blue

White, 60''           
White, 60"

Black, 60''           
Black, 60"