Upholstery Tools, Professional and Consumer Grade

Staple Lifters and Removers, Hammers, Webbing Stretcher and Pliers.

High Quality Upholstery Tools as used by Professionals and Talented Amateurs.

Also see Air and Electric Staple Guns.

Upholstery Tools are not returnable unless they are in new, unused condition.

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Staple Gun Staple Gun
This Heavy Duty Staple Gun is great for your home projects. Fits the staples sold below. Works great on wood surfaces.

Price:   $16.99    

Staples for Staple Gun above
 box of 1000 
These 7/16 Zinc plated metal staples only fit the staple gun shown above.

Price:   $3.99    

Regulator, 8'' Regulator, 8"
This handy tool is used to push stuffing into curves and corners for a great professional look.

Price:   $8.50    

Pro Upholstery Kit Pro Upholstery Kit
Pro Upholstery Kit includes: Bronze Magnetic Hammer, Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher, Ripping Chisel, Staple Lifter, Square Point Knife, White Rubber Mallet, Regulator, Curved and Straight Needle set,10 Scissors, Upholstery Pins, Tailor Chalk and Instruction Book.

Price:   $199.95    

Upholstery Kit, ''Do it Yourself'' Upholstery Kit, "Do it Yourself"
Includes, Instruction book, magnetic hammer, webbing stretcher, claw tool, 6" straight needle, 3" curved upholstery needle, 4" curved upholstery needle, and yardage chart.

Price:   $52.95    

Staple Lifter Staple Lifter
The correct angle for removing staples of any size from the smallest to long leg staples. Easy to grip plastic handle.

Price:   $23.99    

Tack and Staple Remover Tack and Staple Remover
Overall length is 6 1/2 inches with a wooden handle. Has staple - removing tip and tack - removing side.

Price:   $23.99    

Staple Remover Staple Remover
The pointed tips on this tool allows quick and easy staple removal.

Price:   $23.99    

Upholstery Hammer, Bronze Upholstery Hammer, Bronze
Bronze upholstery hammer; one is magnetic for placement of tacks and the other end is for hammering.

Price:   $34.99    

Upholstery Hammer (with Nylon Tip) Upholstery Hammer (with Nylon Tip)
Hammer has one magnetic end and the other end has a nylon tip which is used to prevent damage to ornamental nails.

Price:   $41.99    

Webbing/Canvas/Leather Pliers Webbing/Canvas/Leather Pliers
Need to stretch webbing, canvas or leather? Then this is the perfect tool. The 3 1/2 inch jaw allows you to get a firm grip on the material you need to stretch and tack in place.

Price:   $39.95    

Webbing Stretcher Webbing Stretcher
Used to stretch and tighten seat webbing before permanently tacking or stapling into place.

Price:   $19.95    

Goose Neck Webbing Stretcher Goose Neck Webbing Stretcher
This is the superior webbing stretcher to catch the webbing close to the webbing close to the frame with plenty of leverage. Equally efficient for right or left hand.

Price:   $29.95    

Duck Bill Pliers Duck Bill Pliers

Price:   $39.95    

Combination Knife Combination Knife
This knife has a hook and pointed blade made especially to assist in removing fabric from furniture and auto carpet from cars.

Price:   $34.95