The Vinyl you need for your Boat Interior.

Marine Vinyl Fabric for Chairs and Boat Upholstery.

Plain and pleated Marine Grade Vinyl Fabric for Boat, Commercial and Residential use.

A picture of a Jet Ski Seat, under construction. Always use a UV resistant marine upholstery vinyl fabric for any boat upholstery. The image shows black and white Marine Vinyl upholstery Fabric.  A waterproof marine  grade vinyl fabric, is the fabric of choice for very wet applications. These fabrics are ideal for any marine application or anywhere that simply wiping off the fabric, for cleaning is desired. Ideal for use in a dinette or kitchen.
Black and White Marine Grade Vinyl Upholstery Fabric used on a Personal Water Craft Seat.

Vinyl Marine Fabric for dinette cushions, furniture and boat seats. UV and mildew resistant. Easy to work with a home sewing machine.

Mildew and UV resistant marine vinyl. This boat upholstery and marine vinyl will stand the test of time. Our upholstery vinyl is always first Quality goods. Commercial grade expanded back vinyl. Suitable for auto upholstery and boat seat covers.
This is one of the most accurate color charts on this website. But, colors are very difficult to represent over the Internet. If you have any question about any of these colors, download the vinyl color chart. Go to Color Cards If you still have questions, Contact Customer Service, since Cut Yardage is not returnable. To order, Click on the underlined color. Then click "back" on your browser to return to this page.

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White Seat-Vinyl, 54'' Vinyl Upholstery Fabric           
White Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Rawhide Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Rawhide Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Offwhite Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Offwhite Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Black Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Black Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Burgundy Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Burgundy Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Navy Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Navy Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Marine Blue Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Marine Blue Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Grey Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Grey Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Putty Seat-Vinyl, 54''           
Putty Seat-Vinyl, 54."

Forest Green Seat-Vinyl           
Forest Green Seat-Vinyl, 54".

Quilted-Vinyl, White 54'', 1 1/2'' Pleats           
Quilted-Vinyl, White 54", 1 1/2" Pleats.

Quilted-Vinyl, Offwhite, 54'', 1 1/2'' pleats           
Quilted-Vinyl, Offwhite, 54", 1 1/2" pleats

Quilted-Vinyl, Burgundy, 54'', 1 1/2'' Pleats           
Quilted-Vinyl, Burgundy, 54", 1 1/2" Pleats.