For Machine Embroidery or your Serger.

Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread, Commercial Grade, for the home sewer.

The image is of Sylko Polyeser  Machine Embroidery Thread.A design using our Polyester  Thread.A design using YLI Monet Embroidery Thread. Monet is the extra flufy thread that gives a matte look and a third dimension to your embroidery projects. Blended from 40% Wool and 60% Acrylic,

Many of these threads can be used in a Serger.

Sylko, from Coats America. Shiny, gives excellent coverage. Will retain its color and sheen much better than a rayon thread. Made to Industrial Strength standards. Will not break at high machine speeds.

Kaleidoscope from YLI. Well suited for embroidery, embellishing and quilting. Can be used in the serger.

Bobbin Thread. Machine Embroidery Bobbin Thread. Prewound Bobbins for Embroidery.

Monet from YLI. Makes Clouds Puffier. Makes Kitties Cuddlier. Makes any Project Fluffier. Add dimension to your Designs with this Exciting Thread.

Metallics from YLI, 500 yds. or 108 yds. Metallic Embroidery and Serger Thread . This fine metallic thread offers great coverage. Excellent for machine embroidery or rolled edge on serger.

Iridescents: Reflections®, by YLI. Iridescent Embroidery and Serger Thread. Gives you an exciting new look in your embroidery design. Truly a thread of a different color.

Poly Sheen® from Mettler. High quality Mettler Polyester 40 weight machine embroidery thread. It is shiny, gives excellent coverage and will retain its color and sheen. 219 yard spools.

Poly Sheen®, Large Spools. 875 yard spools. These colors match our Flagcloth.

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