OEM on many boats.

# 8 Zippers

 8 zipper. The  picture is of a Heavy Duty nylon #8 separating moulded teeth zipper, used in heavy jackets, tents and marine canvas products. Size eight is very often the zipper that is on original equipment supplied on new boats.

Nylon, separating, moulded teeth zipper.

#8 seperating zippers are mostly used as OEM in marine canvas products. The width of the teeth is 8 mm (a little under 5/16") Overall width of the tape is about 1 1/4". These heavy duty moulded teeth zippers have a double Metal slide. These are seperating zippers, that is, they come completely apart, like the zipper on a jacket.

For more information on seperating zippers, Click on Seperating Zipper. We also have Zipper Tape by the foot. #10 Seperating Zippers, which are a more common size, are available, go to Zippers, Heavy . For longer zippers (#5) than shown here, go to Extra Long Seperating Zippers . For a complete listing of all of our zippers, go to Zippers. . Don't see the right length zipper? These zippers can be shortened, quite easily. Click on SewTime with Lydia. Or we can special order a different length zipper, in most cases. Other colors also available by special order. Please Contact Customer Service. Also see Zipper End Stops To order click on the underlined description of the zipper. Then click "back" on your browser to return to this page.

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White #8, 24"

Price:   $4.89    

White #8, 36"

Price:   $6.49    

White #8, 48"

Price:   $7.49    

White #8, 60"

Price:   $8.99    

White #8, 72"

Price:   $9.99    

White #8, 84"

Price:   $11.29    

White #8, 96"

Price:   $13.29