Fusible Interfacing both Woven and Non Woven. Hair Canvas, Batting - Fusible. Fusible Web with Release Paper.

Beacon Fabric & Notions carries a number of different interfacings.

Interfacing is an unseen interior addition to various parts of a garment. It adds body that the fabric alone would not add. Interfacing is normally used in clothing. It can also be used in crafts or purses. It gives the item added stiffness or support. Interfacings keep fabrics from stretching out of shape. Tricot Knit Fusible Interfacing, is made from Nylon Tricot. It has lots of stretch and fluidity. So it's most effective for stabilizing knits.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the various types of interfacing. Learning about interfacing makes it easy to understand your choices. This will help you make a good decision.
Woven interfacing is woven the same way fabric is woven. You will see threads running horizontally and vertically.
Fusible interfacing will have a glazed or spotted look on one side. The side with the spots or glazed look is the fusible side. This is the side that you use an iron. The interfacing will permanently adhere to fabric. Pre wash the fabric before using. This will remove the chemicals that are used in processing. Always test a fusible interfacing on a scrap of the fabric.
Sew-In interfacing has no finishing on either side. It is sewn to the fabric just inside the seam line. None of the stitching will show on the outside of the garment.
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Sew-In Interfacings, Woven and Non Woven.  Woven Interfacing adds stability and strength to fabrics. Should be cut on the grain line, as indicated on your pattern pieces.
Woven Fusible Interfacingin many different weights and textures.  Woven Fusible Interfacing is available . Adds stability and strength to woven fabrics.
Fusible Non Woven Interfacing.  Non Woven fusible interfacing is more rigid, than Woven Fusible. Can be cut in any direction without reveling.
Nylon Tricot Knit Fusible Iron-On Interfacing.  Made from Nylon Tricot. Has lots of stretch and fluidity. So it's most effective for stabilizing knits.
Fusible Hair Canva sused in tailoring.   Provides a heavy duty support to collars, cuffs, waistbands and hems. Also used for stiffness, when making purses. In Sew-In and Fusible versions.
Batting - Fusible.  Fusible Batting 45 wide Polyester. Color: White Sold by the yard.
Fusible Web with Release Paper.  This fusible Web is great for projects, such as applique. Stops fabric from raveling or place two pieces of fabric together. Easy to use with a home iron. Sold by the yard or roll. Drapery Lining Fabrics
Iron On Drapery Linings Insul-Bright Insulated Lining Fabric Nylon Oxford Cloth used for Linings Click here to see all of our Fabrics
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