These sprays make sewing easier.

ODIF Fabric Adhesive Sprays from France

The Spray and Fix family of products for sewing.

202, 505, 606, DK5 Adhesive Sprays for Fabric.
Temporary (repositionable) and Permanent Adhesives.

Many sprays for Embroidery, Quilting, Applique or Crafts. From ODIF SA, France. Very useful for Flag Making. These sprays are real time savers. All the ODIF products are free of CFCs. All the ODIF adhesive sprays are acid free.

General Instructions for all ODIF products. Protect work surface with disposable paper. Hold can Approximately 12 inches from fabric surface. A little goes a long way. Press firmly in place to secure the piece to the larger fabric. A misaligned piece may be removed and repositioned several times for 15 to 20 minutes after spraying. Machine sew in place as usual. Cleanup with soap and water.
The 505 Spray was the first to come to the United States. All of our spray adhesive for fabric, are below. Continental United States shipments only of all Adhesive Sprays. Back to Sewing Notions

The image is of 202 Spray and Fix Fabric Adhesive. 202 Spray and Fix
202 Spray and Fix (Pattern Temporary Spray) No more pinning patterns! Temporary adhesive for paper patterns. For sewing, applique and crafts 8.5 fl. oz spray can

Price:   $13.49    

505  Spray and Fix 505 Adhesive Spray and Fix  
This temporary adhesive spray is a timesaver when you embroider, quilt or applique. It will not gum up your needle or spot fabric. Use it when positioning items on flags or banner or in embroidery to stabilize a knit fabric. 5.6 Oz can.

Price:   $13.49    

The image is of 606 Spray and Fix. This temporary adhesive spray is a timesaver when you embroider, quilt or applique. 606 Spray and Fix
606 Spray and Fix (Spray on Fusible Web) Create a fusible fabric, or stabilizer, by spraying on back of fabric. Then place glue side down, against other fabric and using an iron with medium heat to activate 606, join fusible to fabric.(Net Wt 6 oz.) (No Air Shipments)

Price:   $14.99    

DK5 Spray Cleaner DK5 Spray Cleaner
DK5 (Spray Cleaner)This product is used to remove over spray of adhesives on hoops, needles, table tops, quilt frames and stencils. Also on plastic, metal, glass, stone and ceramic surfaces (Net Wt 8.2 oz.) (No Air Shipments)

Price:   $8.99