It is the Green thing to do. A natural Fiber alternative to nylon or Polypropylene.

Heavy Duty Cotton Webbing, One Inch wide.

Use Cotton Webbing when a Natural Fiber is a must.

Cut with scissors. The ends will fray and will have to be stitched. One inch wide, Olive Drab color.

1 Cotton webbing by the yard. A natural fiber alternative to polypropylene or nylon for straps and handles. Cotton webbing is a lightweight environmentally friendly material that can be used in a variety of situations. Cotton Webbing is ideal for many uses with camping, skiing, hunting and photography. Can be used to replace old camera straps, canteen straps, bel ting and straps on backpacks. Colors are difficult to represent over the Internet. If you have any questions about the appearance of either of these webbings, Contact Customer Service, for a sample. Cut lengths are not returnable.

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One Inch Cotton Webbing, Olive Drab color by the foot. Olive Drab, 1"
Olive Drab Cotton Webbing

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