A staple for quilters.

Muslin Fabric, up to 118" wide.

Preshrunk bleached, or unbleached fabric. Muslin Fabric is great for your quilt projects.

Extra wide Muslin - up to 118".

Muslin Cloth is a loosely woven cotton fabric which originated in present day Bangladesh. It was introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th century. It became very popular at the end of the 18th century in Europe. Most typically an unbleached or white cloth. It is produced from cotton yarn. It is often used to make sewing patterns, such as for clothing, curtains, or upholstery. Can be used to filter liquids. Holds dye well. Often used for stage and theater sets. The extra wide fabric is used for back drops for photographers. Soft to the touch and has a tight weave. Wider widths allow you to back up to a king size quilt with no seams. Extra wide Muslin Cloth, up to 39 feetwide and Fire Retardant fabric are available by special order, please Contact Customer Service. Sold by the yard. Fabrics and especially colors are difficult to represent over the Internet. If you have any question about any of these fabrics please Contact Customer Service as cut yardage is not returnable. To order, Click on the underlined description. Then click "back" on your browser to return to this page.
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The image is of a swatch of Unbleached Muslin Fabric, 45 inches wide           
Unbleached Muslin , 45" wide

Unbleached Muslin, 90'' wide           
Unbleached Muslin, 90" wide

Unbleached Muslin, 108'' wide           
Unbleached Muslin, 108" wide

Unbleached Muslin, 118'' wide           
Unbleached Muslin, 118" wide

Bleached Muslin cloth, 45'' wide           
Bleached Muslin, 45" wide

Bleached Muslin, 90'' wide           
Bleached Muslin, 90" wide

Bleached Muslin, 108'' wide           
Bleached Muslin, 108" wide

Bleached Muslin, 118'' wide. Extra wide Fabric.           
Bleached Muslin, 118" wide