Use anywhere you need a see through ruler.

Omnigrid Rulers from Prym Dritz.

Omnigrid Rulers used by commercial sewing shops and professionals.

Creating a revolution in rotary cutting. The most accurate and versatile selection of rulers and cutting mats. Used by quilters, crafters, sewing sewers, and artists. Omnigrid Rulers offer many distinct advantages. These quilting rulers are preferred by professional teachers and quilters worldwide. They remain unequaled in accuracy, performance and quality. Gets you away from templates or calculations. The yellow and black markings make using the ruler easy. Use with either light or dark colored fabric. Useful for laying out anything. Use in or out of the sewing room.
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Omnigrid Mini Mat Omnigrid Mini Mat
Omnigrid Mini Mat 5 7/8" X 5 7/8" For Rotary Cutting. Perfect for travel, classes and paper piecing. Has 1/2" Grid. double side usage. For larger mats go to Rotary Cutters and Cutting Pads .

Price:   $4.95    

Omnigrid Ruler, 4" x 14"
As above, four inches wide by fourteen inches long.

Price:   $13.49    

Omnigrid Ruler, 6" x 24"

Price:   $20.29    

Omnigrid Ruler, 4'' Square Omnigrid Ruler, 4" Square
Four inch square Omnigrid Ruler.

Price:   $6.69    

Omnigrid Ruler, 6 1/2" Square
As above, six and one half inches square.

Price:   $11.19    

Omnigrid Ruler, 12 1/2" Square
As above, 12 1/2" Square.

Price:   $22.49    

Omnigrid Triangle, 6'' Omnigrid Triangle, 6"
For up to six inch finished squares.

Price:   $14.69    

Omnigrid Triangle, 8"
As above, for up to 8" finished squares.

Price:   $13.49    

Fabric Grips Fabric Grips
Put these on the corners of your rulers and templates to prevent slipping when marking or using Rotary Cutters.

Price:   $2.89