Elastic Guides and Bodkins.

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Bodkin Bodkin

Price:   $1.65    

Elastic Guides Elastic Guides
These guides keep elastic from twisting while inserting into waistline casing. Three sizes per set-for 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" elastic or ribbon.

Price:   $3.39    

Ballpoint Bodkin, 6'' Ballpoint Bodkin Needle, 6"
Large eye and ball end allows you to easily weave ribbon, insert elastic into casings or turn bias tubing.

Price:   $2.79    

Hand Guider Hand Guider
Keep Elastic, Lace or decorative trims from twisting while sewing.
Guides trims up to 7/8 wide. Shown sewing elastic.

Price:   $4.95    

Wide Bodkin Weaving Tool Wide Bodkin Weaving Tool
The special gripping design of this bodkin makes it a great tool to thread elastic or for weaving and meshwork.

Price:   $5.50