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Seam Ripper and Threaders.

Seam Rippers, Cutters, Needle Threader.

To be a good Sewer, you have to be a good Ripper.

The statement above is true. But, you don't have to be able to sew to rip out seams. The spouses of numerous sewers can attest to that. Seriously, a seam ripper is a small tool used for unpicking stitches. It consists of a handle, shaft and head. The head is forked with one side of the fork flattening out and becoming a blade and the other side forming a small point. In some designs the blade side then tapers back to a point to allow easier insertion in tight stitching. In use the blade is inserted into the seam underneath the thread to be cut. The thread is allowed to slip down into the fork and the tool is then lifted upwards allowing the blade to cut through the thread. Once the seam has been undone in this way the loose ends can be removed and the seam resewn.
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Needle Threader with Cutter Needle Threader with Cutter
Makes threading a needle easy.

Price:   $2.99    

Ripper/Magnified. For ripping close, fine work. Ripper/Magnified
Magnifier enlarges view of blade and stitches.

Price:   $5.99    

Seam Ripper, Large. Works well with sails or boat canvas. Seam Ripper, Large
 You can do some heavy duty ripping with this Seam Ripper! Used by our affiliated Company, Marine Sewing for Canvas and Upholstery work.

Price:   $2.89    

Seam Ripper, Small Seam Ripper, Small
Sharp, thin point is especially good for removing shorter stitches from fine to medium fabric.

Price:   $1.59    

Ripper/Threader Ripper/Threader
This handy 2-in-1tool makes short work of ripping seams and threading needles.

Price:   $2.99    

Lighted Seam Ripper Lighted Seam Ripper

Price:   $6.95