Upholstery Foam, Sheets and Rolls.

The image is a drawing of a sheet of Upholstery Foam. This is an ideal Upholstery Foam for Boat Interiors. We also have Polyester Batting and Roll foam. Use Closed Cell Foam for marine or boating applications

Upholstery Foam for Marine, Residential or Commercial use.

For most applications the sheets of Polyurethane Foam are going to be the best choice. It is available in Medium Firm and Soft. Most people choose the Medium Firm Upholstery Foam. When selecting a foam, remember the foam always feels firmer, when it is inside a slip cover. Our Upholstery Foam sheets are used a OEM on many boat interiors. This foam can also be used outdoors, if it is covered with a Vinyl Fabric. But, the superior Foam, for a very wet environment - like the cockpit of a sailboat - is closed cell foam. If you are making cushions for a boat, browse through Outdoor/Marine Fabrics and Notions. Beacon Fabric & Notions has everything you need for any Boat Interior need. If you are making Pillows, rather than using Upholstery Foam, consider Pillow Forms (Inserts). If you have questions please contact Customer Service.
Foam Spray Adhesive Foam Spray Adhesive
Fast Tack Upholstery Adhesive used to glue two pieces of foam together or tack fabric to foam or a board. Forms a flexible bond. Clear, low soak in. 12 ounce can. Available in the Continental U.S. only.

Price:   $11.99    

Silicone Spray
Lightly spray the foam and the inside of the slipcover with this spray. Used by professionals to make stuffing slip covers easier. 11 oz per can. A real time saver. Ground shipments only

Price:   $8.95