Many uses for twine, not just for upholstery!

Hemp Twine, and other Twines for Upholstery.

Use this Twine for Springs, Buttons and hand sewing.

We sell twine primarily to people doing upholstery. But, there are many other uses for twine. A natural fiber for a natural look. Hemp is Eco-chic Hemp twine performs very well for beading, macrame, and other crafting projects because it makes attractive and firm knots. Used in jewlery making and landscaping. Hemp Twine is similar to Jute Twine and Sisal Twine. Waxed twine, or cord, has a light wax coating that makes it stiffer, more water and mildew resistant, and stronger. It is mainly used for hand sewing work that requires strong, long-lasting, water-tight seams. Machine sewing is possible for those willing to clean the waxy residue the thread leaves. Most of our customers use it for buttons.
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Hemp Spring Twine Ball Hemp Spring Twine Ball
Polished hemp spring twine. Seat springs tied with this high quality twine will have a longer life. One pound ball. Approximately 250 feet.

Price:   $20.95    

Hand Stitching Twine, Black Hand Stitching Twine, Black
Heavy Black thread for hand stitching such as auto seats or upholstery items.

Price:   $8.95    

Hand Stitching Twine, White Hand Stitching Twine, White
Heavy White thread for hand stitching such as auto seats or upholstery items

Price:   $8.95    

Tufting Twine Tufting Twine
Super twist nylon cord. White, 80 pounds breaking strength. Used for tufting and heavy hand sewing applications. Great for putting buttons in upholstery. 1/2 pound spool, approximately 1100 feet.

Price:   $20.99    

Waxed Button Twine Waxed Button Twine
Made especially for attaching upholstery buttons and tufting pillows. 78 feet per spool.

Price:   $3.99