If you need to sew up something that is going outdoors.

Marine Thread: V69 Thread and V92 Thread in Polyester and Nylon

Bonded Nylon Thread 69: The picture is of two spools of marine thread. Use v69 thread in your home sewing machine, with a #18 Jeans Needle to sew Canvas or heavy fabrics. If you have a commercial machine, you can use the heavier V92 thread. The bonded Polyester thread has a hard finish, that resists sunlight
and water.

Marine Thread, Coated UV resistant bonded polyester or nylon thread, V69 and V92 weight

There are two types of thread. Soft finish thread for clothing and interior applications and bonded thread. The bonded thread has a hard finish, that resists sunlight and water. It will last for several years outdoors. For any outdoor use, you want to use an artifical fiber bonded thread. It seems to make little difference whether it is Nylon or Polyester. Some people prefer Bonded Nylon Thread, some Bonded Polyester Thread. We have never noticed a significant difference. Most sewing machines made in recent years will work with the heavier fabrics and threads. The ones that work best are machines that allow easy adjustment of the lower bobbin tension. The heavier fabrics will not damage a sewing machine, if handled correctly. Do not allow the fabric to drag. To help the fabric flow well with large projects, place a table to the side and front of the machine. A walking foot on your machine is a big help. For home sewing machines we recommend using v69 thread. This is the heaviest thread that you can use in a home machine. Use it with a #18 Jeans Needle and a Cone Thread Holder. Many people have used this thread quite successfully, over the years for outdoor and marine projects. We have smaller spools of V69. Go to V69 Bonded Nylon Thread, one ounce spools Commercial Sewing Machines should use the heavier V92. Since this is a heavier thread, it will tend to last longer, than V69. Consult your sewing machine dealer as to the correct needle system for your commercial machine. For information on sewing with these threads, go toThe Ins and Outs of Outdoor Fabrics. There is usually some adjustment needed to the tensions. Use these threads on the bobbins, also. With the correct needle and thread, an outdoor project is easy and quite rewarding. To order click on the underlined description. Click "back" on your browser to return to this page.

White v69 Polyester, 4 oz Spool

White v92 Polyester, 4 oz

White v92 Polyester, 1 lb

Black v69 Polyester, 4 oz

Black, v92 Polyester, 4 oz

Black v92 Polyester, 1 lb

White v92 Nylon, 4 oz

White v69 Nylon, 4 oz