Seperating Zippers and Zipper Tape for Clothing, Boats and Upholstery.

A picture of a seperating (jacket) moulded teeth zipper with all the parts labeled. This zipper comes comes completely apart. That is why it is called a seperating zipper. This is your Jacket Zipper, Coat Zipper or Sleeping Bag Zipper. Also used as marine zippers or boat zippers. You cannot make your own seperating zipper. There are also closed bottom zippers, that open only on one end. Zipper tape can be used where neither end has to come apart - like a slipcover.
The Zipper shown above is a Moulded Teeth Zipper.

Heavy Duty Zippers for Tents, Marine and Industrial Applications

A zipper is a commonly used device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric. It is used in clothing (e.g., jackets), luggage, bags, sporting goods, tents and sleeping bags. A zipper consists of two strips of fabric tape, each affixed to one of the two pieces to be joined, carrying specially shaped metal or plastic teeth.
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Upholstery Zippers White Closed End Zippers with Brass Teeth. Coil Zipper tape. Used for Slipcovers, Tote Bags and Purses.
Zipper by the Roll Coil Zipper Tape by the Roll. An economical way to purchase zipper used for Pillows, Purses and Cushions.
Invisible Zipper Tape Invisible Zipper Tape by the Roll. Used for duvet covers and pillows. Gives a flat finish. Use where you do not want the zipper to show.
Heavy Duty Zippers For Marine or Industrial applications. Tents, Boats, Camping, Sleeping Bags.
Zipper End Stops Top and Bottom Stops used when shortening Heavy Zippers or Tape
#8 Zippers Used by Boat Builders on Marine Canvas.
Extra Long Seperating Zippers 189, 216 and 264 inch long #5 seperating zippers. Used on Hobie Cats or speciality projects that require long seperating zippers.
Zipper Tape Vislon Moulded Teeth Zipper Tape, sold by the foot. Where a seperating zipper is not required. Used on tents and "U" Windows on boats.
Zippers, Clothing For a variety of clothing applications
    Decorative Fashion Zippers Come in Silver and Antique Brass Teeth and have a Decorative Pull. Several colors.
    Jacket Zippers, Nylon, One Way Plastic teeth zippers that are found in the majority of jackets. A Coat Zipper. Comes in many lengths and colors.
    Jacket Zippers, Nylon, Two Way Plastic Jacket Zipper that will zip up from the bottom as well as down from the top.
    Fashion Color Zippers Seperating and Closed Bottom Zippers in Pastel and Fashion colors.
    Jacket Zippers, Nylon, Reversible Plastic Jacket Zipper that is used when you have a reversable garment.
    Brass Jacket Zippers Seperating Zipper, with Brass teeth, used on heavy jackets.
    Jeans Zippers Locking Closed End Zipper is used by Jeans Manufacturers.
    Dress Zippers Light Coil Zipper for Skirts and Dresses.
    Invisible Zippers Small Coil Closed Bottom Zipper. Gives a flat finish. Use where you do not want the zipper to show.
    Jumpsuit Zippers Closed Bottom Zipper that has two pulls and can be zipped up from the bottom as well as down from the top.
    Pants Zippers Lightweight Closed Bottom Locking Coil Zippers, in lengths that are proper for pants.

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Snap and Zipper Lubricant Snap and Zipper Lubricant
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