Pillow Notions

Welt and the other little things you need to make pillows.

For more information on making pillows, go to Pillow Thoughts. Check out our price on Pillow Forms. Go to Pillows. Items sold by the foot or yard are cut lengths and are not returnable.

Simply Pillows Simply Pillows
by Sunset Books. In addition to great pillows, this book includes excellent instructions for making cushions for wicker furniture, patio furniture and dining room.

Price:   $18.95    

Tissue Welt, 5/32'' Tissue Welt, 5/32"
tissue Welt Cord, 5/32" Diameter, Single - Make your own Welt Cord for Pillows and Cushions. By the yard.

Price:   $0.45    

Tissue Welt, 5/32", 500 yd Roll
As above, 500 yard Roll.

Price:   $54.95    

Tissue Welt Cord, 5/32'' Double Tissue Welt Cord, 5/32" Double
Tissue type welt braided together for double width, used to cover tack heads or for cord welt styles (twin welt).

Price:   $0.89    

Cotton Welt, 3/8'' Diameter Cotton Welt, 3/8" Diameter

Price:   $0.65    

Cotton Welt, 16/32'' Diameter Cotton Welt, 16/32" Diameter

Price:   $0.99    

Cotton Welt, 22/32'' Diameter Cotton Welt, 22/32" Diameter
Jumbo sized Welt used in Home Deco projects.

Price:   $1.55    

Cotton Welt, 1'' Diameter Cotton Welt, 1" Diameter

Price:   $1.95