The little things you need to make a flag or banner.

Flag and Fabric Banner Supplies for the Professional Look.

 The image is an American Flag made with INVISTA SolarMax 200 denier uncoated Nylon Flag Cloth, the industry standard. Also known as Banner Material, Flagcloth, Banner Fabric, Banner Cloth, Flag Fabric, Flag and Banner Cloth, Flag or Banner Fabric, Now known as INVISTA SolarMax nylon, this fabric was previously known as Dupont SolarMax Nylon. This page, you are now on, has everything you need to make your own Flag or banner, out of fabric. Beacon Fabric & Notions has 303 Protectant Spray to make your flag last longer and clips to hold it to the halyard. For more information see the articles in SewTime with Lydia.

303 Protectant Spray makes your Flag last longer in the Sun.

If you are using fabric, Beacon Fabric & Notions has the notions you need Also see:
Please note that cut yardage is not returnable.

303 Protectant Spray, 8 oz. 303 Protectant Spray, 8 oz.
Environmentally friendly protectant spray that contains UV screening ingredients. Provides protection against fading, drying, hardening and cracking due to sunlight. Excellent to decrease fading of nylon fabrics, such as flags and banners. Also protects vinyl, plastic and other fabrics.

Price:   $10.99    

303 Protectant Spray, Pint
One pint spray container of 303.

Price:   $19.99    

303 Protectant, Quart Refill
32 ounce refill of 303. A good value

Price:   $33.99    

303 Protectant, Gallon
A gallon of 303. Your best value

Price:   $129.99    

Flag Clip, Black Flag Clip, Black
Accepts up to 5/16” line. Clips onto the fly of your flag. Black in color

Price:   $0.49    

Flag Clip, White
As above. Accepts up to 5/16” line. Clips onto the fly of your flag. White in color

Price:   $0.49    

Flag Header Tape
The tape that is used by professionals along the fly of the flag, where the grommets are placed. The tape is 2 3/8" wide. Fold the tape in half and sew along the fly of the flag, then install grommets. Sold by the yard.

Price:   $0.99    

Light Block Flag Liner Fabric, 60" wide
Used between layers of Flag Cloth in two sided flags or banners. Light Grey on one side and White on the other. Has minimal effect on the flag’s ability to “fly”.

Price:   $12.99