Clothing Elastic, Braided, Non Roll and Quickcord

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The image is of Quickcord Elastic. We also have shock cord or bungee cord. We have Bodkins.

Polyester Clothing Elastic, the Guides and Bodkins to make installation easier.

High quality clothing Elastic, domestically made. Used by many leading clothing manufacturers. Available to consumers and small businesses. Used for apparel, bags and swimwear. Anywhere a tape with stretch is needed. Works with all fabrics. Sold by the yard or by the full roll. Also see Elastic Guides and Bodkins
Shock Cord & Notions Also known as bungee cord, shock cord is a round stretchy cord.
If you have any questions about Elastic, please contact Customer Service. Cut yardage is not returnable.

Braided , 1/4'', White Braided Elastic, 1/4", White
Clothing Elastic used by many manufacturers. It is durable, works well in swimwear and will withstand dry cleaning.

Price:   $0.39    

Braided Elastic, 3/8", White

Price:   $0.59    

Braided Elastic, 1/2" White

Price:   $0.80    

Braided Elastic, 1", White

Price:   $1.08    

Braided Elastic, 1", Black

Price:   $1.35    

Non-Roll , 3/4'', White Non-Roll Elastic, 3/4", White
Excellent elastic for waistbands due to its non-roll characteristics. Comes in black and white and three different widths.

Price:   $0.69    

Non-Roll Elastic, 3/4", Black

Price:   $0.79    

Non-Roll Elastic, 1", White

Price:   $0.89    

Non-Roll Elastic, 1", Black

Price:   $0.99    

Non-Roll Elastic, 1 1/4", White

Price:   $0.95    

Non-Roll Elastic, 1 1/4", Black

Price:   $1.05    

Quick Cord , 3/4'', White Quick Cord Elastic, 3/4", White
Great for waistbands of sports clothing where a string tie is needed. Just sew in the elastic and then pull the string which is imbedded in the center of the elastic to use as your drawstring tie. Great on jogging shorts and pajama pants.

Price:   $0.99    

Quick Cord Elastic, 1 1/4", White

Price:   $1.25    

Shock Cord, Black, 3/16"
Black elastic cord. Also known as bungee cord, great for holding covers in place. 3/16" diameter.

Price:   $0.25