Schmetz Embroidery Needle for Sewing Machines.

A needle for every Embroidery Application.

The needle was one of man's first tools. Over the centuries it developed from a simple item to a precision tool.The needle is the most important part of forming a stitch. Not just any needle will do for embroidery. Lydia has used Schmetz Needles, for embroidery for years. Schmetz are the sewing industry needle standard. Schmetz needles are used for all types of sewing. Not just for embroidery. When you think of a quality sewing needle, you think Schmetz! Since 1851 Schmetz has been the leading manufacturer of sewing machine needles in the world. Single needle or twin. If you have questions about needles, Contact Customer Service. Back to Sewing Machine Needles

Machine Embroidery Needles.
This larger Eye Schmetz® Needle is excellent for embroidery thread. Its shape helps eliminate skipped stitches and thread breakage. Pack contains three 11/75 and two 14/90.

Price:   $4.99    

The image is of a Twin Embroidery Needles, 2.0mm/75. We have  Needles for  Embroidery Applications. Twin Embroidery Needle, 2.0mm/75
Two 2.0mm/75 machine embroidery needles on a cross bar.

Price:   $5.75    

Twin Embroidery Needle, 3.0mm/75 Twin Embroidery Needle, 3.0mm/75.
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Price:   $5.75