Grommet Top Drapery System

For rod size approximately one inch-(Inside diameter of grommet is 1 "). Rod must be at least 1" down from ceiling.

Recommendations prior to starting drapery:

1. Place the grommet tape on your rod and adjust the width using the little plastic tabs to give you an even look. Mark tape for start and finish and make the width of the drapery the width you have determined to give you the pleated look you want ( remember to add your seam allowances).

2. Finished drapery normally is at least two times the length of your rod. ( I prefer approximately two and a quarter times the width of the rod).

3. Allow 5/8 inch of fabric at top of drapes. Special items needed: Grommet tape, at least two times the length of your rod. Use  Eight Grommets  per yard of tape. A Fabric Marker (non permanent) that will show up on your fabric. Scissors to cut fabric- pointed tip works best.


These instructions will only address the top of the drapery where the grommet tape goes.
1. Turn under the 5/8" allowance you left at top of drapery.
2 . Lay grommet tape you have marked to wrong side of drapery along the top edge with the plastic tabs facing out toward you.
3. Stitch top and bottom of the tape with thread to match your fabric. (for heavier fabric I use Upholstery Thread and a #18 Jeans Needle)
4. Mark the circle for each grommet and cut out the fabric.
5. On the right side of fabric snap the grommet in place.
6. Adjust the plastic tabs (One from each grommet, as shown in the last two pictures, below.) to make an even pleated look for your drapery.
7. Place drapery on rod.

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