Thread and Fabric colors from Beacon Fabric & Notions

There are many technical issues with accurately representing colors over the internet. In an attempt to give more accurate color of the threads and fabrics that we sell, Beacon Fabric & Notions has prepared color cards in Adobe Acrobat® format

To see how well your monitor and printer is calibrated for colors, download the Calibration Chart. If you paid more than $100 for your printer, it probably will do a better job of correctly showing colors, than your monitor. If you are using a Mac, the Acrobat color charts will get around the color shift that occurs when viewing a web image prepared using Windows. These Acrobat color charts are no substitute for a chart printed on a Million dollar printing press. They are certainly no substitute for an actual thread or fabric color card (which is available for many of our products). But, they are a lot better than can be represented in HTML.To use one of these charts, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it, free, at Our (paper) catalog is also available as a Acrobat download.Download Beacon Fabric & Notions Catalog. To download a chart, click on the link below. Acrobat Reader will start. It may take a minute for the file to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Acrobat will display the color card. You can then save the file to your hard-drive or print the file. If color is very important to you, there are color cards that you may order for many of our fabrics and threads. If color cards are not available for the fabric line, that you are interested, Contact Customer Service and request a sample. Cut lengths of fabric are not returnable.

Calibration Chart.
Flagcloth Color Card
Machine Quilting Thread Color Card
Metrosene Plus© Color Card
Sunbrella Color Card
Sylko Embroidery Thread Color Card
Sylko Embroidery Thread Pantone and RGB Color Information
Pfiffertex Color Card
Polypropylene Webbing Color Card
Chair and Seat Vinyl Color Card
Jeans Thread Color Card
Maxi-Lock Serger Thread Color Card
YLI Glazed Quilting Thread Color Card
Heirloom and Silk Thread Color Card
Decorative Serger Thread Color Card
Iridescent Embroidery Thread Color Card
Metallic Embroidery Thread Color Card
Monet Embroidery Thread Color Card
Gimp, Fringe and Decorative Cording Color Card
Ripstop Nylon Color Card
All of our Nylon Fabrics

If you really don't feel like downloading anything, Request one of our paper catalogs. You will receive a catalog in about 30 days.
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